Friday, January 27, 2012

Wearing a 1950s Velvet Cloak In The Snow


Yes, I'm posting more snow pictures, this set was taken last weekend during the second major snowfall of January-- 8 inches fell over the course of a day. I wore this outfit to the wedding themed Vintage Bazaar at the Empty Bottle last weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear my 1950s black velvet hooded cloak, aqua gloves and 1950s aqua, black and white floral pattern dress. Perhaps I've been watching too much Once Upon a Time lately, but I felt like a character from a fairy tale in my hooded cloak. The cloak is super warm and surprisingly wearable since it has actual sleeves rather than just arm slits (like a traditional cloak).

Despite the snow it wasn't that cold out (it was in the 20s) so I took the opportunity to walk around my neighborhood and take photos. Scroll down to see more pictures of my outfit and to see glimpses of a snowy Ukrainian Village. The snow has since melted since it's been in the 40s the past two days but it's supposed to snow again here in Chicago tonight and tomorrow.


Of course I love the full skirt of the 1950s dress and the unusual color combination of black, white and my favorite color, aqua!



1950s velvet hooded cloak: The Village Family Outlet thrift store, Chicago
1950s dress: Knee Deep Vintage, Chicago
Vintage Lined Galoshes: Thifted in Chicago
1950s aqua gloves















Lindsey N. said...

I'm dying over here! I love everything about this. That cloak that cloak that cloak!!! Also that dress is perfection on you. You look fabulous :).

Lindsey Soup

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

There is nothing I do notlove about this post. Perfection from start to finish. A velvet cloak? *swoons*

Rachel said...

Snow makes everything look so magical, doesn't it? Things you see everyday and don't think twice about become interesting & beautiful under a dusting of snow. And icicles? Striking in their beauty!! Now, for your beautiful clothes...I adore your velvet cloak! The fact that it has a hood is fantastic, and it reminds me of something a noir film dame would wear, complete with dark red lips and sunglasses (because she's incognito, of course). And your dress is so sweet and fun! If you get more snow, you must take more pictures!! xx

Miss Margarita said...

Great outfit! I love the combination of black, white and blue. I'd say its a perfect early spring outfit, little bit of winter, and a little bit of spring ;)

his_girl_friday said...

I love these photos! That first one is so Romanov!

Wendy @ Salt and Wine said...


wardrobeexperience said...

OMG, this dress is a dream! if you don't want it anymore, would you please pass it over to me?!

maranda (persnickety vintage) said...

this outfit is too cute! you're putting me and my puffy coat to shame :)

bopfish said...

That dress is crazy great and the cloak is stunning! I have my mothers green velvet cloak with ivory satin lining somewhere at my dads condo.

t said...

Nice outfit!

Sara C. said...

You look like a character from a TIm Burton's movie. I love it!

Have a nice day
Sara C.

Kate said...

Lovelovelove your dress! That cloak is gorgeous too! I wish we had snow in England!

Josie Chen said...

Amazing dress! Love your look!

check out my new post for some cool 70's knitwear :)

Rosalind said...

Fabulous cloak - it reminds me of images from the film of The French Lieutenant's Woman. And I'm so envious of your snow! Send some our way would you? I want to make a snowman.

gee said...

oh what a beautiful dress!!!
the pattern on it is so lovely.
plus, a velvet cloak....<33333
i love snow but am so very glad WV has not gotten a lot yet. :)

Hannah said...

Gorgeous outfit, you look so amazing! I'll be following and keeping up to date with your posts... great blog!

mary van note said...

amazing outfit!!!!! beautiful photos of the snow, too. You DO look like out of a fairy tale, I love it!

Micheal Hussey said...

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